Convertible Soft Top Repairs

repair soft-top roof

When a convertible top is damaged, it is not uncommon to see your convertible look like new again. However, you must understand that a little bit of work is required when it comes to making your convertible look new again. Below are some tips and tricks for getting your convertible back on the road.

Repairs Process

The first thing to do to get your convertible top repairs handled properly is to remove all covers and valances from the top of your car. It is important to ensure that all accessories are removed before attempting to do any of the following repairs to your top. A little bit of dirt and grime can be a problem if you have too many accessories on the top of your car.

If your convertible is covered in snow, be sure to remove all accessories as well before you begin any repairs. This will ensure that you don’t damage any parts of your top or your vehicle in the process. Cleaning and vacuuming all accessories off of your top is also a great idea to make sure everything stays in tip-top shape.

If you are using the repair kit that comes with the repair kit, you will want to make sure that you read and follow the instructions carefully. Before doing any of the work, it is important to make sure the top is completely dry. You should never try to use your top until all of the water has evaporated from it. If you don’t dry it completely, it can end up ruining the entire work.

Repair Kits

If you are using a repair kit to fix your top, then the instructions are going to say to apply to the side of the top. Once you have applied this, then you need to make sure the top is completely dry before you begin any work. If you start to wet the top before it is completely dry, you may damage the adhesive and result in a damaged top. It is also a good idea to make sure you only try to touch the surface area where the top is missing to avoid damaging anything else in the process.

repair soft-top roof

To avoid any damage to your top, be sure to check for any cracks, chips, dents, or tears in the top before you begin any of your convertible top repairs. When you find any holes or damages in your top, then you need to apply to glue them back in before you proceed with any other repairs. You need to be very careful when applying the glue to your top, however, because you don’t want to cut the adhesive by mistake.

After you have applied the glue and made sure that the top is completely dry, you need to allow it to dry completely. You should also make sure that you don’t scratch or chip the top with the edges of your hands. This will cause a lot of unnecessary work that could even ruin the top altogether. Make sure you have a cloth nearby to wipe the top down while it is drying.

Once your convertible soft top repair has been completed, you may find that your top is still a little bit damp. If so, you can apply a dab of wax to keep the finish nice and shiny. It is a good idea to always clean any areas that are damp when cleaning up spills.

Contact the Manufacturer

If you ever feel like there is an issue with the top, but it is not as big of a deal as you thought it would be, you should make sure you call the manufacturer to see what they recommend. The manufacturers of these tops usually have customer service centres that you can contact to ask questions about your purchase. You should also make sure that you take the top back to the manufacturer for any repairs that need to be done. before you ever throw away the top.

There are times when you simply can not figure out what to do and need to make sure you get some professional advice before you begin your repairs. For example, if your top is cracked, you may need to figure out whether or not you can paint it yourself or if you cannot get the crack repaired yourself. Even though this is often more cost-effective than having a new top made, you should never attempt to paint your top if you have cracks that are too deep.

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